Wu Shang Shen Di Episode 20

Wu Shang Shen Di

Other Name: Supreme God Emperor, 无上神帝

Summary: Watch Wu Shang Shen Di (无上神帝) streaming online on kiss-anime. Returning home, Mu Yun learned that he would marry Miss Qin Qin Mengyao. Qin Mengyao is cold and poisonous, but cannot live until he is 20 years old. The marriage was only for the benefit of the Qin family. However, under Mu Linchen’s persuasion, Mu Yun agreed to this family problem on alchemical terms. Thousands of worlds, the strong are like forests. A generation of fairy king Muyun, reborn into a bullied bastard, vowed to stir the situation and return to the top. Who will compete in the boundless universe? The heavens and the world,…Continue reading

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