Ougon Bat Episode 4

Ougon Bat

Other Name: Golden Bat, Fantomas, Ogon Bat, Phantaman, Fantaman, 黄金バット

Summary: An important document related to Dr. Yamatone’s painstaking research, “Super Energy No. 103”, was stolen by the Nazo crew who were secretly aiming for this research. The troubled doctor consulted with Takeru, Daleo, and Mali and decided to use the power of the Golden Bat. When asked to get the documents back, Ogon Bat immediately boarded the Nazo Tower, home of the Nazo crew. Since Nazo has sent out the giant robot Gegeorg to counter the Golden Bat, the Golden Bat fought an aerial battle with Gegeorg. Moreover, Nazo has been pointing at chemical weapons one after another….Continue reading

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