Kuang Shen Mo Zun Episode 62

Kuang Shen Mo Zun

Other Name: Kuang Shen Mo Zun, Mad Demon Lord, 狂神魔尊

Summary: The God Realm Brahma Xutian was in great chaos. The Lord of the God Realm, Beitian Emperor, was besieged by thousands of ways, and was defeated and fell. The roulette that countless people sought after—the roulette that could communicate with the ancient land, fell into the world. At the same time as the male lead Lin Xiao, he was seriously injured and fell into a coma after a date with others. He obtained the roulette by accident. The Emperor Beitian had a foreboding that the troubled times would be overwhelming. He reluctantly chose Lin Xiao and sent all his memories. Give Lin Xiao, let Lin…Continue reading

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