Dinghai Fusheng Lu Episode 7

Dinghai Fusheng Lu

Other Name: Dinghai Fusheng Records, 定海浮生录

Summary: At the end of the Han Dynasty, the aura of heaven and earth disappeared for no reason, and the exorcist division, which was at its peak, fell apart, and was known as “all dharmas return to silence” in history. In the four years of Jin Taiyuan, the only exorcist in the world, Chen Xing, came to Xiangyang to search for his destined guardian. Relying on the heart lamp of the magical tool lodged in his soul, Chen Xing worked hard to find a way to restore the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth to fight against the imminent resurrection of the demons, and also forged a deep friendship with Xiangshu,…Continue reading

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