Bishounen Tanteidan (Dub) Episode 12

Bishounen Tanteidan (Dub)

Other Name: Bishounen Tanteidan, Pretty Boy Detective Club, Bishounen Series, 美少年探偵団

Summary: Mayumi Doujima promises her parents that she will give up on her dreams of becoming an astronaut on her 14th birthday if she cannot find a star she once saw long ago. Overhearing her troubles, the eccentric Manabu Soutouin offers to help her search for the star alongside the rest of Yubiwa Academy’s mysterious Pretty Boy Detective Club, whose rules are as follows: “Be pretty, be a boy, and be a detective!”

However, Mayumi is unique—she can see many things that ordinary people cannot. Her eyesight allows her to see the tiniest of details, from people approaching…Continue reading

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