Bing Zhu Qi Hun Episode 3

Bing Zhu Qi Hun

Summary: At the point when Li Shi was conceived, a dream plunged from the sky and turned into the host of the warrior’s remainder soul, so he was pursued somewhere around the factions of the world. Li Shi’s folks attracted the foe away for Li Shi’s security, while Yuan Chenyang took Li Shi to get away and stow away, lastly got comfortable Linhai City, stowing away as an angler. To observe his folks, Li Shi chose to enter the order through the five-year choice of Linhai City, and Bai Xiang, the expert of the arrangement of the Yaozu’s door, mimicked the supernatural powers of the trooper ace based on the development of the progenitors, and fostered a technique that can ingest The…Continue reading

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